GoClaws and SnoClaws are the first fundamental
tire chain improvement in 80 years with Awards to Prove IT


  1. The Kruesi Spirit of Innovation Award
  2. First Place Winner of the Technology Award issued by the State of Tennessee
  3. Entrepreneur of the Year 2005 by TSBDC, National Leadership Award
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  • Product introduction
  • DOT EMS Severe Use
  • Lateral Traction is KEY
  • Installation
  • SnoClaws with ratcheting system for paved road use
  • GoClaws with interlocking system for heavy duty use for paved and off-road use
I am a qualified instructor and specialize in training drivers to drive safely in all off-road conditions. Very Steep Ascents And Descents Covered With Slippery Clay, Deep Ruts, Shale And Five Foot Wash Overs. The GoClaws performed very well in this condition. The sharp square edges of the GoClaws increased the pound per square inch on the slippery surface giving it very good traction to continue to drive. McWiggan
Sure-Trac Off-Road Driving Training
Victoria, Australia
Q-1 What if I don’t see my tire size in your Tire Application Chart?
Ans. It is VERY important that you order the correct size GoClaws for your vehicle! If you have any questions on which Product model# is the correct one for your specific tire size and application, please Email us at [email protected] first before purchasing! Supply us with the tire size that you find on your tires, the make / model of your vehicle and intended use, i.e. highway, passenger car, light truck, delivery vehicle, off road, snow plowing, EMS, Public Safety, Fleet Service, etc.

We will respond with the proper Product Number
We will be happy to assist you!

Q-2 If I know my tires are 15″, 16″, 17″ or so on, is that enough to purchase the correct GoClaws product?
Ans. No! You will need the complete tire size. Look on the side of your tire and find the complete number, i.e., P205/70R14, 31X10.50 15, LT235/70R16, etc., then look in the Application Chart for that exact size. If you don’t see it,please Email or call us for further assistance!For large equipment like Bobcat Skid Steer, Fork Lift, Snow Plow, Fire truck, Semi Tractor Trailer, etc Measure your tires size in inches from the ground to the top of the tire and tire width. then email [email protected] with the measurements.
Q-3 Which tires do I mount GoClaws on?
Ans. They are mounted on your drive axle wheels. For front-wheel drive vehicles, GoClaws are mounted on the front tires. For rear-wheel drive vehicles, GoClaws are mounted on the rear tires. On all-wheel drive vehicles or 4-wheel drive vehicles, GoClaws are mounted on the rear tires, or all 4 tires for ultimate traction.
Q-4 Do I have to move the vehicle to install GoClaws?
Ans. No, you don’t. Even if you are already stuck, the GoClaws can be installed without moving the vehicle, as long as you can reach around the tire.
Q-5 Can I drive on dry pavement?
Ans. While you will not want to drive extensively on dry pavement or exceed 30 mph, intermittent travel on dry pavement can be done. Extensive use in this manner will accelerate wear. However, we have tested GoClaws for 500 miles on hot dry pavement with minimal wear. This is a perfect solution for delivery vehicles that travel between clear and snowy roads for delivery routes, law enforcement, snow plows and many other commercial applications. It is also great for passenger cars and light trucks in snowy and mountainous conditions where it is a pain in the a_ _ to take chains or cables on and off.
Q-6 Will GoClaws or SnoClaws work on pure ice?
Ans. No! Please keep in mind, that GoClaws & SnoClaws perform better in deep snow and mud. If you have a lot of ice you can beef up your traction with our Ice cleats ordered separately if you really think you need them.
Q-7 How long does it take to install GoClaws?
Ans. We recommend that when you should test fit them first. Don’t wait until you get stuck to try installing them. Once you’ve become familiar with the process, it should only take 2-3 minutes per tire to install your GoClaws!
Q-8 What is GoClaws’ life span?
Ans. With normal, non-abusive usage, GoClaws should last anywhere from 3-6 years or more. Heavy usage, of course, will shorten the life of the product.
Q-9 How fast can I travel while GoClaws are installed?
Ans. We recommend traveling at or below 30 mph (48 km/h) to ensure your safety but we have tested them to exceed 50 mph (80 km/h) to ensure an adequate margin safety.
Q-10 If I decide I don’t want the GoClaws after I’ve ordered and received them, can they be returned?
Ans. No! Once purchased, the GoClaws are non-refundable. All warranties are applied. If the GoClaws are deemed defective by the manufacturer, they will be replaced at no charge, but no money will be refunded. This policy is no different than any / all other traction products on the market.
Q-11 Can I clean the GoClaws to store them?
Ans. Yes! All that is required is a mild soap and water – then thoroughly dry them before long-term storage. Like any other product, after any use it is a good idea to dry thoroughly to avoid mildew.
Q-12 At what temperatures can GoClaws be used?
Ans. GoClaws are not recommended for use at temperatures below 41°F below zero (-40°C).
Q-13 Are there any parts of GoClaws that have to be bolted onto the wheels?
Ans. Absolutely not! GoClaws can be stored in a box in your trunk and installed and removed very simply at any time!
Q-14 What are “S.A.E. Clearance Specifications?”
Ans. “S.A.E.” stands for Society of Automotive Engineers which defines the least amount of space that should be provided around the drive tires of any vehicle to accommodate the use of a winter traction device.

  • SnoClaws are type “S”. Type “S” can be used for “S”, “U” and “W” chain type vehicles.
  • GoClaws are type “U” and can fit vehicles with type “U” and “W”. See chart below.
  • To check what size SnoClaw you need check your tire size on the sidewall of your tire and use our sizing chart located here
  • Buy from our Products page
S.A.E.traction device class  Minimum tread-face clearance Minimum side-wall clearance  
Class S 1.46 in .59 in
Class U 1.97 in .91 in
Class W 2.50 in 1.50 in
Q-15 I am not sure which of your products to buy. Which is best for my personal requirements?
SnoClaws – ideally suited for those drivers that travel in fresh deep or packed snow on the highway and do not travel off-road. SnoClaws are the preferred solution for normal chain or cable usage for light and heavy duty pickup and other trucks on the highways and side roads. Same traction as GoClaws but with the easy to use ratchet tightener system. Appropriate for towing trailers and trailer brake axle drag chain requirements as well as dually. Advantages: Quick and easy installation even if you’re stuck. No tools required to install.
GoClaws  – ideally suited for travel in fresh deep or packed snow, mud, sand and other demanding and heavy duty applications such as Bobcat Skid Steer, EMS, DOT, PD, FD, Fork Lift, Snow Plow, Farm Truck, Fire truck, Semi Tractor Trailer, and other large equipment. Advantages: Quick and easy installation even if you’re stuck. Heavy-duty dual opposing (self-locking) linkage system will withstand the abuse of snow plowing, tractor trailers, towing, heavy equipment, delivery, fleet, public safety, DOT, EMS and 4×4 off-road conditions such as stump jumping, four wheeling, sand and mud, etc
 When investigating a new product, any prudent buyer would have to ask, “What complaints has this company had and what (if any) problems have been experienced with the GoClaw and SnowClaw design since release?”This is a perfectly legitimate and normal question. Being an honest company we have provided the information below as straight forward as possible. With the many thousands of units sold domestically and  internationally, we have had very few complaints over the years.

More FAQs

  1. The traction pads have a gap between them and I would like there to be contact on the road surface at all times. [EXPLAIN] There are gaps between the trax during installation, but once traveling, you do have surface contact at all times! You see…Every since the 1960′s all vehicles produced have what’s referred to as a limited slip differential. This standard feature allows the tires mounted to the drive axle to shift orientation as the steering wheel is turned slightly in either direction. Therefore it would be a rare occurrence to see the mounted trax not in contact with the road surface at any one time. It is for this reason, the user must move the vehicle to remove the GoClaws, but can install without moving the vehicle even if stuck.
  2. We did not get our order in time for the winter storm! [EXPLAIN] This is beyond our control. We do ship the order the very same day if placed prior to 1:00 PM East Coast Time. We cannot be held responsible for the carrier not shipping due to adverse weather conditions, or losing the package for whatever reason. SOLUTION – order before you need them.
  3. These things are not as easy to install as you say! The technology is simple but like anything, there is a learning curve required. Remember the very first times you tried to put on chains or cables? We have designed our traction products to be as user-friendly as possible, but you should first practice installation prior to actually needing them out on the snow-covered road. Some folks just throw away the detailed instruction sheets, thinking this crucial information is not required and/or do not practice beforehand. For these reasons we have now developed detailed installation videos for each product sold.
  4. I am having trouble with fastening links hitting my suspension. IMPORTANT-> Clearance issues vary and the information below will help you make sure that the GoClaws or SnoClaws will fit your specific vehicle. SnoClaws and GoClaws are not returnable or refundable so be sure to check your owners manual to see what chain is required. Most front wheel drive vehicles are “S” rated
    • SnoClaws are type “S”. Type “S” can be used for “S”, “U” and “W” chain type vehicles.
    • GoClaws are type “U” and can fit vehicles with type “U” and “W”. See chart below.
    S.A.E. traction device
     Minimum tread-face clearance Minimum side-wall clearance
    Class S 1.46 in .59 in
    Class U 1.97 in .91 in
    Class W 2.50 in 1.50 in
  5. You say no assembly required, but they are not put together when I received the package. You are not required to put the assembly together with tools such as a screw driver or wrench. This is done at the factory. The product set is installed directly onto the user’s tires by way of aligning and locking the corresponding pins and pinholes, to ensure they are secured to the tires. They are not put together in the shape of your tire, as you may have expected. The technology is simply not designed this way.
  6. The ride is bumpy! All chain traction devices deliver a bumpy ride. However, if you have noticed, this “bumpy” ride only occurs while driving on bare pavement. Although our traction products are made of urethane rubber, the traction pads do extend beyond the surface of the mounted tire. Therefore, the “ride” will not be the same smooth ride as without the traction product installed. This is simply a trade-off to realize much better traction and without the “bump” you would not have any improvement. On dry pavement the GoClaws and SnoClaws experience a harmonic imbalance between 15 and 18 MPH. If you power through this speed range the ride smooths out very nicely.
  7. One of my GoClaws fell off my tire when I was going up steep incline. More than likely, your set was not installed properly, or tight enough against the tire. Steep inclines and other demanding applications require the unit to be very tight against the tire. To check, try to pull the mounted trax outwardly once installed. They should not slide over the corner radius of the tire. Note – You can never install the trax too tightly, because of the resilient rubber will flex with tension, so get as tight as possible before going up steep inclines.
  8. My ratchet buckle broke on my SnoClaws during an off-road excursion. SnoClaws ratchet links are designed for highway use only! The ratchet buckle cannot withstand the abuse of rocks, tree limbs and other debris encountered with this use. Should you require a traction product for off-road use, we suggest our GoClaws models only.
  9. The O-rings were not included in my SnoClaws package. The previous design of SnoClaws did utilize o-rings to secure the excess strap length. We have learned that this previous method was ineffective and we now ask that any excess strap be removed prior to use.
  10. These things do not work like the videos we seen on your website. We conducted extensive tests for 2 years prior to launch and now have 15 years of actual in-field results which prove our products perform as advertised! We cannot be held responsible for your inability to drive in adverse conditions, and some driver experience is required to achieve the same results as depicted in our videos. Click here to see testimonials.