What Are The Three Types Of Tire Chains Available And How Do They Work On My Vehicle

What Are The Three Types Of Tire Chains Available And How Do They Work On My Vehicle

High Tech Superior Performance Tire Chain

Until recently there were only two options for safe driving in harsh winter conditions. You had to use either traditional snow chains, or cables. Now there is a third type to give consideration. GoClaw and SnoClaw are new high-tech polyurethane claw-style chains. Now there are three options to consider. So, which snow chains are best?Traditional snow chains are made of heavy metal links. They are very difficult to install, lose traction in mud, and cannot be used on dry pavement. However they provide much better traction than cables.

Snow cables are lighter weight than traditional chains and easier (though not easy by a long shot) to install. However they wear out quickly, provide poor traction, and also can not be used on dry pavement, requiring frequent installation and removal in inclement conditions.

Until now, these were the only two options available, and neither is a good option, simply better than running off the road in the snow. Now drivers have a third option that has been proven superior to either traditional tire chains or snow cables.

GoClaw and SnoClaw tire chains are made of a light weight, rustproof material. Their revolutionary design makes them easy to install. Not just a little easier, but easy – as in you can install them in under three minutes per tire! Additionally, their unique trax traction design actually outperforms traditional tire chains. They are multi-use, preforming well in snow, mud or sand.

These new high tech tire chains will not damage your tires and wheels as bulky metal one do. They also don’t damage the road, even if driven on dry pavement. While this is not recommended as regular practice, when circumstances necessitate that you must drive on dry pavement for a short period there will be no damage to your vehicle or the road.

If this isn’t enough to convince you which tire chains are best, here is one more fact to think about. The design of these snow chains does not require the vehicle be moved or jacked up for instillation. You can install your snow chains easily even if you are stuck!

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