protect your family with the best traction available in snow chains.

protect your family with the best traction available in snow chains.

High Tech Superior Performance Tire Chain

Winter driving can be nerve wracking. The mind numbing cold, the blinding sunlight off the snow and, of course, the extremely dangerous snow covered roads. In order to protect you and your families safety it is important you have the best traction available. Most prepared drivers have special winter tires or snow chains to help travel in bad weather, but did you know there is a better option? GoClaws are a high-tech, high quality alternative to traditional snow chains and tires. GoClaws are used by plow drivers, emergency personnel and everyday drivers like you and me. GoClaws are versatile, self-tracking and easy on your tires.

One of the reasons GoClaws outperform snow chains is because of their versatility. They can be used to help you drive through snow, mud or sand. In addition to working in a variety of situations, GoClaws can be installed at anytime, even if you are already stuck! The easy installation does not require that you move the vehicle to add them to your tires. Try installing snow chains after getting stuck!

GoClaws unique design allows each traction bearing segment to function in such a manner that the device remains centered on the tire. This feature allows you to have maximum traction at all times. This superior ‘self-tracking’ feature improves performance and allows you to drive safely on almost any road in any condition.

Finally, GoClaws won’t damage or destroy your tires. The design makes them very easy on tires and reduces wear that can be caused by snow chains or other traction methods. The traction from GoClaws is provided by a soft, durable trax segment that doesn’t damage your tires the way steel chains can.

GoClaws patented track system providers exceptional results that can help maximize you and your families safety when driving in undesirable conditions. Stop wasting money on tire damaging snow chains (or an extra pair of tires just for winter!) and get the most effective alternative available.

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