GoClaws and SnoClaws Reviews

GoClaws and SnoClaws Reviews

GoClaws and SnoClaws Reviews.

These two products differ only by the way they attach to the vehicle tire. Otherwise the traction is exactly the same.

  • SnoClaw – Light to medium duty. Utilizes a ratcheting system for use in highway and side roads mainly paved roads. These are for the passenger vehicle or light truck traveler who has to put chains on to go over a mountain pass and then remove the traction devices.
  • GoClaw – Light thru heavy duty. Has a more robust interlocking pin system for use with off-road vehicles, rock crawling, snow plowing, EMS, DOT and other heavy duty use. For tow trucks and snow plows we recommend GoClaws on all drive axles.Below are some of the highlights of the product
  • Easy on your Tires and Rims – Unlike steel chains and cables
  • Under certain circumstances provide up to 10 times the gripping power of chains
  • Provide Lateral Traction
    • Lateral Traction is Key
      Chains and cables work when perpendicular to the direction of travel. However, as a vehicle begins to slide sideways traditional tire chains and cables become less effective. When the vehicle becomes sideways to the direction of travel, chains are basically ineffective. SnoClaws and GoClaws provide lateral traction which is a key feature and that could possibly make the difference in avoiding an accident.
  • Heavy vehicle weight has no effect on GoClaws or SnoClaws.
    • Perfect for tractor trailers, logging trucks, forestry service, service vehicles, etc
  • Tough Enough to Drive on Dry Pavement. This is a key benefit
  1. We’ve tested them for 500 miles on dry, hot pavement with very little wear
    1. They will work VERY well on wet and dry pavement.
      See traction videos
  2. For much of your winter storm use you will simply leave the GoClaws on the vehicle during the storm cycle
  3. Once the GoClaws are used a few times they “break in” like shoes and become even easier to put on and take off
  4. Installation and removal is easier on the user’s hands which they will appreciate
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY – Tire chains and cables have NO WARRANTY
  • Will not damage asphalt or dirt roadbeds
  • Will not damage vehicle body. Will not wrap around axle like cables or chains
  • Easy Installation There is no need to move or jack up the vehicle during installation.
  • Install anytime… even when you’re stuck!
  • Works in Snow, Mud, or Sand – sometimes you have to go off paved roads
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Self-Tracking The unique diamond-shape exerts a side force to re-center them on tire treads.
  • No Rust! Mostly made of a space-age rubber and all metal components are either stainless, galvanized, or powder coated for durability
  • Lightweight a real benefit for large commercial vehicles
  • Video Page on the products to review during your evaluation process

You can order online by clicking here.

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