New GoClaws and SnoClaws advanced traction system uses super-tough BASF polyurethane

New GoClaws and SnoClaws advanced traction system uses super-tough BASF polyurethane

SnoClaws™ can keep you on the move!
Easy to install
Durable, provides better traction and smoother ride than tire chains
Self-cleaning, positive locking
Road and vehicle friendly
Advanced Traction System Superior Alternative to snow chains and tire cables


Let’s face it, as serenely beautiful as snow can be, it can be an absolute nightmare if you have to drive in it. Once you’re stuck in a storm or a snowdrift, there’s little you can do to improve traction.But now, thanks to two innovative products called GoClaws and SnoClaws, made with a super-tough, high-performance BASF polyurethane, winter drivers can be prepared without clunky chains.

GoClaws and SnoClawsare described by the manufacturer as an “Advanced Traction System” that employs a unique, patented design to make driving in snow easier and less stressful.

GoClaws and SnoClaws represents an entirely new synthesis of inventive engineering and rugged material, which distinguishes GoClaws and SnoClawsfrom conventional traction products such as chains and snow tires, says Rhonda Gibson, BASF Business Development Representative. In the design stage, BASF worked closely with GoClaws and SnoClawsengineers to develop and refine a thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, that would satisfy the product’s high performance requirements. Our polyurethane provides the toughness and traction that makes GoClaws and SnoClawssuch a great product!

GoClaws and SnoClawsare available in 11 sizes to fit vehicles from small passenger cars to large trucks and can be purchased online at based on tire size.

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