Reducing Winter Driving Dangers For Fleets and the Public

Reducing Winter Driving Dangers For Fleets and the Public

Since SAFETY is first in everyone’s mind, GoClaws™ and SnoClaws™ can help make winter driving safer for the traveling public.

GoClaws™ and SnoClaws™ are a High Tech Tire “Chain” that are STRONGER THAN STEEL CHAINS and provide Up to 10 X the traction of ordinary steel tire chains and cables!! GoClaws™ and SnoClaws™  do not damage asphalt or dirt roadbeds saving $millions$ in winter road damage

Lateral Traction is Key. Tire chains and cables work best when going straight (perpendicular to the direction of travel). Once a tire starts sliding sideways, chains become much less effective. The traction profile of a chain on a sliding tire is a thin line with limited traction. GoClaws provide lateral traction as shown in the image below.  Lateral traction is a key feature of GoClaws™ because the traction patch delivers between 2 and 10 times more surface area per tire revolution depending on tire orientation and chain style.

  • GoClaws – Heavy Duty. Has a robust interlocking pin system for use with Semi  Tractor Trailers, Police, Fire, EMS, DOT and other heavy duty use.
  • SnoClaw™ – Perfect for passenger cars, SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks operating on paved and dirt roads. Utilizes a ratcheting system for use in highway and side roads mainly paved roads
  • Easy on asphalt road and parking surfaces and your shop floor also
  • Up to 10 times the traction as chains. Weight has no effect on GoClaws
  • Can travel on dry roads as well without breaking. Read more below..

GoClaws™ and SnoClaws™ HIGHLIGHTS

  • Easy on your Tires and Wheels – Unlike steel chains and cables.
  • Tough Enough to Drive on Dry Pavement. This is a key benefit
  1. Will not damage asphalt or dirt roadbeds saving millions in road damage
  2. They will work VERY well on snowy and dry pavement
  3. We’ve tested them for 500 miles on dry, hot pavement with very little wear
  4. Watch the demo videos
  5. You can simply leave the GoClaws on the vehicle during the storm cycle
  6. GoClaws  ”break in” like shoes and become even easier to put on and take off
  7. Installation and removal is easier on the driver’s hands which they will appreciate
  8. Legal in every state
    • Tire chains and cables have NO WARRANTY
  • Will not damage vehicle body. Will not wrap around axle like cables or chains
  • Fast, Easy Installation There is no need to move the tractor during installation.
  • Install anytime… even when you’re stuck!
  • Works in Snow, Mud, or Sand – sometimes you have to go off paved roads
  • Self-Cleaning – Self Cleaning on each revolution means consistent traction
  • Self-Tracking – The unique diamond-shape exerts a side force to re-center them on tire treads.
  • No Rust! Mostly made of a space-age rubber and all metal components are either stainless, galvanized, or powder coated for durability
  • Lightweight a real benefit for large commercial vehicles
  • Speed rating 35 MPH due to insurance restrictions, but have tested at 55 to 60 MPH without failure.
  • Weight has zero effect on trax which make them perfect for motor carriers and other heavy load applications.

You can learn more on our website by clicking here. I am standing by to assist with your future needs and I look forward to working with you to improve the safety of the traveling public on our road system.

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