Don’t take our word for it!

I currently live in Seattle, so snow isn’t usually present unless you go to the mountains. I first got introduced to the GoClaws from a buddy who loved them… Absolutely awesome! He had them on a Toyota, pushed through deep mountain powder, and ran through mud holes.

At the time I had 31×10.5r15, and they worked great! I used them coming over mountains passes, with little off-road use, the truck wasn’t setup like it is now. Later I went to 35×12.5r15 and I had sized the GoClaws for the 31′s, so I got in touch with your company to get replacement links. I really enjoy being able to put them on without moving the vehicle, especially if your stuck. They have a much warmer feel than frozen steel that’s for sure! I try to turn guys onto them all the time. Whenever I use them they are always a few guys who ask me about them.
I am a qualified instructor and specialize in training drivers to drive safely in all off-road conditions.The following is a report of my findings following a day of trailing the GoClaws. This trailing was carried out with Paul Treverton and Ed Dwyer.

Very Steep Ascents And Descents Covered With Slippery Clay, Deep Ruts, Shale And Five Foot Wash Overs.
The GoClaws performed very well in this condition. The sharp square edges of the GoClaws increased the pound per square inch on the slippery surface giving it very good traction to continue to drive.

Deep Clay and Mud:
We backed into a mud hole and stopped. We let the vehicle settle into the mud, and then drove out without any wheel spin. The GoClaws performed brilliantly five to six times. By this time the mud was extra loose. If the GoClaws had not been fitted, traction would have been lost after the drive in… let alone on the sixth try. After we drove out, there was some slight slipping on the tyres by the pads of the GoClaws.

Steve McWiggan
Sure-Trac Off-Road Driving Training
Victoria, Australia

I have to say that they performed quite well. Rather excellent actually. I was pretty invincible. I did not, however, do the same area without them, I am only comparing to how I have done in the past in similar looking mud puddles. With the GoClaws on, I just powered right through.

The Land Rover guy that was there was very enthusiastic about them. I was telling him of my concerns, but he told me that he thought they would be ok, and even if they came apart that they wouldn’t damage anything on the LR3 (the air suspension is inside a canister). The Land Rover guy was in front of me in a Range Rover, and he described some of the mud as “pretty slimy.” With the trax, I didn’t even notice that. Everyone was very impressed.The tracks that I left behind the vehicle were impressive. It makes it seem as if these things just have to work. I even drove to lunch 2 miles on the pavement. (I couldn’t see taking the time to take them off, then put them back on again). They held up just fine on the highway.

GoClaws work great on almost all off road rigs. To determine the correct GoClaw model we will require the tire size and tire measurement in inches from the ground to the top of the tire AND the width of the tires in inches. This is due to the many types of off road tires out there. With the tire size AND measurements in inches we can get you the right set quickly and easily.

Chains are notorious for causing damage to the vehicle body, axle, tires and even driver’s hands. While you will not want to drive extensively on dry pavement or exceed 30 mph, intermittent travel on dry pavement can be done. Extensive use in this manner will accelerate wear. However, we have tested GoClaws for 500 miles on hot dry pavement with minimal wear. This is a perfect solution for tractor trailers that travel between clear and snowy roads and many other commercial applications where it is a waste of time to take chains on and off. Additionally GoClaws will not damage dirt maintenance roads like chains do. For ice road truckers we offer the ability to add ice studs to the GoClaws dramatically enhancing their traction on solid ice. See our parts page for ice studs.

We recommend traveling at or below 30 mph (48 km/h) to ensure your safety but we have tested them to exceed 50 mph (80 km/h) to ensure an adequate margin safety. Manufacturer’s note: On dry pavement the GoClaws and SnoClaws experience a harmonic imbalance between 15 and 18 MPH. If you power through this speed range the ride smoothes out very nicely.

We will need your shipping address and how many sets you want to order and we will get the order processed right away. All items are typically in stock but it is a good idea to order them and learn how to put them on before you are in the chain installation zone in the cold and snow. A practice session will make you a lot happier when it comes time to use them on the road.