SnoClaws are the correct product and work great on rear wheel drive vehicles. SnoClaws are the preferred solution for your normal every day chain or cable usage for passenger cars, vans, SUVs, AWD, and pickup trucks on the highways and side roads. Same traction as GoClaws but with the easy to use ratchet tightener system. Quick and easy installation even if you’re stuck. No tools required to install.

Clearance issues vary on rear wheel drive and the information below will help you make sure that the SnoClaws will fit your specific vehicle. Check your owners manual to see what chain is required. SnoClaws are type “S”. Type “S” can be used for “S”, “U” and “W” chain type vehicles. See chart below.

SnoClaws provide additional traction that may improve your stopping ability regardless of your vehicle drive type. Also, as a vehicle begins to slide sideways traditional tire chains and cables become less effective. SnoClaws provide lateral traction which is a key feature and that could possibly be a big difference in your trip.

Note: In slippery conditions, AWD and 4 wheel drive vehicles can get going better than two wheel drive. However all vehicles have the same braking issues on slippery roads.


  • AWD And 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles Cannot Stop Any Faster Than 2 Wheel Drive Vehicles.
  • Remember That Stopping Distances Are Longer In Adverse Conditions And One Must Maintain Appropriate Distances From The Vehicles In Front Of You.
  • SnoClaws Are Ideally Suited For Those Drivers That Travel In Fresh Deep Or Packed Snow On The Highway And Do Not Travel Off-Road
  • For Rear Wheel Drive Vehicles, SnoClaws Go On Rear Wheels
  • SnoClaws are sold in a set of two (one for each rear tire)

“S.A.E.” stands for Society of Automotive Engineers which defines the least amount of space that should be provided around the drive tires of any vehicle to accommodate the use of a winter traction device. Your owner’s manual will have a S.A.E. rating for your vehicle.

  • Many rear wheel drive vehicles are “S” rated
  • SnoClaws are “S” rated
  • If your vehicle is rated “S” or “U” or “W” you can use the SnoClaws
  • To check what size SnoClaw you need check your tire size on the sidewall of your tire and use our sizing chart located here
S.A.E. traction device
Minimum tread-face clearance Minimum side-wall clearance
Class S 1.46 in .59 in
Class U 1.97 in .91 in
Class W 2.50 in 1.50 in

Manufacturer’s note: On dry pavement the GoClaws and SnoClaws experience a harmonic imbalance between 15 and 18 MPH. If you power through this speed range the ride smooths out very nicely.