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Heavy Equipment demands high quality equipment that will hold up to the rigors of the job. High quality chains are expensive and they still fail much too quickly. We also know how much you hate chains. Now there is an alternative to steel chains that will provide you with ease of installation, longer lifespan, shorter installation time frame so you can get on the road faster and eliminate the damage caused by steel chains when they break or come off. 

GoClaws tire chain traction devices are currently being used by the following agencies;

  • Ashville, NC Fire Dept
  • Chattanooga, TN Fire Dept
  • California DOT HWY 395 (trials)
  • Two Police Departments in Colorado
  • Trials under way with 30,000 lbs DOT plow/cinder trucks
  • And countless motorists, cars, trucks, SUVs

GoClaws work great on almost all heavy equipment and they are tough. Ten times tougher than your tires and they last longer than steel chains. They don't damage the road surface or the shop floor when you bring in vehicles for service or storage. If they do break they are field serviceable. Simply insert a replacement segment and you are off again. Try that with chains!

To determine the correct GoClaw model we will require the tire size and tire measurement in inches from the ground to the top of the tire AND the width of the tires in inches. This is due to the many types of equipment tires out there. With the tire size AND measurements in inches we can get you the right set quickly and easily.

Chains are notorious for causing damage to the equipment fenders, wheel wells and other vehicle body parts, axles, tires and even driver's hands. While you will not want to drive extensively on dry pavement or exceed 30 mph, intermittent travel on dry pavement can be done. Extensive use in this manner will accelerate wear. However, we have tested GoClaws for 500 miles on hot dry pavement with minimal wear. This is a perfect solution for DOT and other equipment that travels between clear and snowy roads and many other commercial applications where it is a waste of time to take chains on and off. Additionally GoClaws will not damage tarmac, asphalt or dirt maintenance roads like chains do. For ice road equipment we offer the ability to add ice studs to the GoClaws dramatically enhancing their traction on solid ice. See our parts page for ice studs.

We recommend traveling at or below 30 mph (48 km/h) to ensure your safety but we have tested them to exceed 50 mph (80 km/h) to ensure an adequate margin safety. Manufacturer's note: On dry pavement the GoClaws and SnoClaws experience a harmonic imbalance between 15 and 18 MPH. If you power through this speed range the ride smoothes out very nicely.

We will need your shipping address and how many sets you want to order and we will get the order processed right away. We also have fleet discount pricing for volume orders.

All items are typically in stock but it is a good idea to order them and learn how to put them on before you need them in the cold and snow. A practice session will make you a lot happier when it comes time to use them on the road.

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