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HOW GOCLAWS WORK http:\\www.snow-tire-chains.com

Advanced GoClaw Tire Chains Work Utilizing A Revolutionary Patented Innovative Flex-Trax Style And Design

Everyone is so confident at GoClaw that we provide the only 1 year manufacturer's warranty for the snow chains. Good luck trying to discover any manufacturer's warranty on some other snow chains. Our merchandise is covered by a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty against material and workmanship defects.

Advanced GoClaw snow chains work utilizing a distinctive patented innovative Flex-Trax style and design. The superior non-skid system is consists of tread faced non-skid devices, which can be rapidly and effortlessly secured to your car or truck's drive tires. This product fuses tested methods of mechanical engineering, physics, material handling, as well as hydraulics to accomplish a modular style and design that provides superior overall performance in comparison to snow tires and tire chains.

GoClaw's Tread Pattern is regarded as the leading-edge non-clogging style and design in the marketplace these days. Original tire tread patterns for adverse conditions have incorporated beefy lug members protuberances (knobbies) extending outwardly to bite to the snow. Whilst in operation, the grooves which form these kinds of extensions end up full of fluid solids to the top of the extensions, making the impact profile smooth and ineffective for gripping the roadway.

GoClaw's distinctive Flex-Trax style and design eliminates this issue by utilizing the exact opposite approach. Pascal holding chambers are used rather than bulky lug member extensions. Pascal is an 18th century physicist who had been the very first to utilize hydraulic pressure to accomplish a mechanical benefit.

Pascal's law claims "pressurized fluid solids in an enclosed holding chamber are equally dispersed in many directions". This will cause a mechanical gripping benefit. The enclosed holding chambers with load applied, permits fluid solids to become deposited, pressurized and released away from the load region, with centrifugal force of rotation employed.

What is the Pascal holding chamber? Pascal-tech gripping holding chambers happen to be miniature, self-cleaning holding chambers, that combined with inverted step walls, offer remarkable gripping forces when fluid solids are deposited inside the holding chambers and pressure from the load is applied. Inverted step walls permit for quick discharge of fluid solids from the holding chambers when the pressure of your load is reduced and centrifugal force of rotation is involved.

The diamond shaped mini-chambers possess cavity wall structures composed of inverted tapered step ledges to create its pattern. These kinds of mini-chambers blend to create larger holding chambers that similarly taper inward. The consistent placement of these kinds of profiles increases the gripping forces and quick discharge of fluid solids. The diamond patterns produce double opposing chevron angles that support the opposing loads everywhere. This permits for optimum gripping in the forward and reverse directions.

Self adjusting is realized through the self-adjusting deflective angles. These types of angles comply with the angle needed to withstand opposing forces. This specific feature is a key factor in decreasing the primary tension needed in the course of installation. The spring tension together with the rebound memory in the rubber, with the opposing deflective angles, permits traction modules to spring towards the center of the tire, supplying for self-tracking of your installed GoClaws.

The engineered characteristics in our superior traction model, as opposed to tire chains, coincides with the rotational motion of your tire, getting full advantage from the applied forces throughout installation and operation. We're so confident at GoClaw that we provide the only 1 year manufacturer's warranty on tire chains. Attempt to discover any manufacturer's warranty on various other snow chains. Our merchandise is covered by a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty against material and workmanship defects and they work great.

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