GoClaws tire chain traction devices are currently being used by the following agencies;

  • Ashville, NC Fire Dept
  • Chatanooga, TN Fire Dept
  • California DOT HWY 395 (trials)
  • Two Police Departments in Colorado
  • Trials under way with 30,000 lbs DOT plow/cinder trucks
  • And countless motorists, cars, trucks, SUVs

For many years people have struggled to install tire chains and yet they continue to purchase due to the lack of anything better. Due to this fact, the alternative traction device market has grown exponentially creating demand for user-friendly innovations. We are proud to offer the most Advanced Traction Systems ever developed. These user-friendly innovations are designed to have long service life and with performance that greatly surpass that of traditional tire chains and other alternative traction devices currently sold in our market sector.

Real Customer Reviews:

I purchased my GoClaws and my intentions were to use two sets (4 GoClaws) on my ’87 Jeep Wrangler (photo attached) for snowplowing.

I watched the online video that demonstrated the installation, and reviewed the instructions that accompanied the product. Although the installation wasn’t as easy as demonstrated on the video, I had all four of mine on in about 30 minutes.The GoClaws performed beyond my expectations! I plow two, or three driveways that consist of crushed stone, 200 – 800 feet long, all with steep inclines.

After a few uses, the GoClaws loosened slightly, but were easily tightened up with the tool provided. They haven’t slipped or loosened since.

I’m nearing the end of my second snowplowing season using GoClaws and would highly recommend them to anyone considering chains. When the season ends, I hose my off, allow them to air-dry, separate the sections, fold them up, and store them in the bags provided. They are extremely convenient.

Thank you for a great product. I really got my money’s worth.

currently live in Seattle, so snow isn’t usually present unless you go to the mountains. I first got introduced to the GoClaws from a buddy who loved them… Absolutely awesome! He had them on a Toyota, pushed through deep mountain powder, and ran through mud holes.

At the time I had 31×10.5r15, and they worked great! I used them coming over mountains passes, with little off-road use, the truck wasn’t setup like it is now. Later I went to 35×12.5r15 and I had sized the GoClaws for the 31′s, so I got in touch with your company to get replacement links. I really enjoy being able to put them on without moving the vehicle, especially if your stuck. They have a much warmer feel than frozen steel that’s for sure! I try to turn guys onto them all the time. Whenever I use them they are always a few guys who ask me about them.

The week before we had them, I tried to drive my 2004 Chevy Express 15 Passenger Van with rear wheel drive, and big winter studded tires up a mile long snowy mountain to get to Miracle Mountain Ranch.  As we started up the first incline we came to a spinning stop, so I had to back down and park in the winter parking lot.

The hill is curvy and extremely steep in some places.  They have a winter parking lot at the foot of the hill because because only 4WD vehicles can travel it safely during the winter.

The next week came and we were ready to try the hill again, this time we had the GoClaws on the rear tires.  We drove the van right up the mountain with traction to spare.  Now we have been elected to be a shuttle van for others who must park at the bottom.

You should have heard the kids cheering with pride as we made it to the top of the hill, my oldest daughter was scared to death for us to try and drive up this hill, but when she saw we made it with no problems, she was smiling from ear to ear.

We also live on a 2.5 mile long hill and sometimes that road can get extremely dangerous if a nasty snow storm hits during the weekend when they don’t plow it.  We thought long and hard about getting a $9,000 +  four Wheel drive unit installed on the van by Quigley Motor Co.

But it appears now that we only had to spend $179 and we now have a RWD 15 Passenger Van that will go anywhere in the winter, thanks to the GoClaws.

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Let me start by saying I do not work for GoClaws and they are not paying me for these comments. I am just so impressed with the engineering of this product that I had to give everyone a report. GoClaws is an alternative to conventional tire chains. I like things that are unique and well engineered. This is why I like Vanagon Westfalia Campers. GoClaws is without a doubt a unique and well engineered product.

There was some discussion on the list a while back about tire chains. This started me on my quest to find the perfect tire chain for my Vanagon. One day I stumbled upon GoClaws and I posted them to the Vanagon list for everyone to see. They seemed very intriguing so I ordered a set.

I just got my set of GoClaws today and could not wait to try them out. We have been receiving lots of snow this week. Our ground in Western Michigan is covered by 10-14 inches of fresh, wet, heavy snow. Under the snow is a thick layer of ice because we started out the week with an ice storm. I have a 2WD Vanagon Westy that is absolutely terrible in the snow with its Michelin Agilis tires and standard 2WD transmission. But when I put the GoClaws on the rear tires today I blazed through fresh snow that was 10-14 inches deep. I even busted through a snow drift that was close to 2 feet deep. I took off down a two track trail that had not been driven on yet making new tracks and the van just ripped through it like an animal. For a fleeting moment I thought I was driving a Syncro. I was in the height of my glory when I got stuck going up a small grade. The snow was around 14-16 inches deep and had drifted in a low spot at the base of the small hill. My first thought was my wife was going to kill me. She was already laughing at me because she knew I was about to go do something stupid. But I was able to rock the van back and forth about 4 or 5 times, each time going farther up the hill until I made it out.

My drive way is another good test because it is a steep sheet of ice. I could drive up the driveway and stop half way, and start out again without loosing traction. I was also able to back up the driveway slowly without loosing traction.

My Vanagon has factory alloys on it so one thing that was important to me when I was researching tire chains was to find a solution that would not scratch the alloys. And these being rubber don’t tear up the wheels.

I love these things and can’t wait to try them out on mud and sand. When I get a chance this summer to use them off road, I will give another report to let everyone know how they worked.

I can’t wait to go four wheeling again! (ok. two wheeling with style)

Wishing you many miles of smiles!

Todd Olson  Buses By the Beach

I am a qualified instructor and specialize in training drivers to drive safely in all off-road conditions.

The following is a report of my findings following a day of trailing the GoClaws. This trailing was carried out with Paul Treverton and Ed Dwyer.

Very Steep Ascents And Descents Covered With Slippery Clay, Deep Ruts, Shale And Five Foot Wash Overs.

The GoClaws performed very well in this condition. The sharp square edges of the GoClaws increased the pound per square inch on the slippery surface giving it very good traction to continue to drive.

Deep Clay and Mud:

We backed into a mud hole and stopped. We let the vehicle settle into the mud, and then drove out without any wheel spin. The GoClaws performed brilliantly five to six times. By this time the mud was extra loose. If the GoClaws had not been fitted, traction would have been lost after the drive in… let alone on the sixth try. After we drove out, there was some slight slipping on the tyres by the pads of the GoClaws.

Steve McWiggan
Sure-Trac Off-Road Driving Training
Victoria, Australia

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I have to say that they performed quite well. Rather excellent actually. I was pretty invincible. I did not, however, do the same area without them, I am only comparing to how I have done in the past in similar looking mud puddles. With the GoClaws on, I just powered right through.The Land Rover guy that was there was very enthusiastic about them. I was telling him of my concerns, but he told me that he thought they would be ok, and even if they came apart that they wouldn’t damage anything on the LR3 (the air suspension is inside a canister). The Land Rover guy was in front of me in a Range Rover, and he described some of the mud as “pretty slimy.” With the trax, I didn’t even notice that. Everyone was very impressed.The tracks that I left behind the vehicle were impressive. It makes it seem as if these things just have to work. I even drove to lunch 2 miles on the pavement. (I couldn’t see taking the time to take them off, then put them back on again). They held up just fine on the highway.Manufacturer’s note: On dry pavement the GoClaws and SnoClaws experience a harmonic imbalance between 15 and 18 MPH. If you power through this speed range the ride smoothes out very nicely. We recommend traveling at or below 30 mph (48 km/h) to ensure your safety but we have tested them to exceed 50 mph (80 km/h) to ensure an adequate margin safety. Use on dry pavement accelerates wear. However we have tested GoClaws for 500 miles on hot dry pavement with minimal wear.
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